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Swedish Visiting Cake

This is cake is so wonderful and SO easy to make, I actually made it twice this week.  It’s light and thin with a golden sugar crust and the interior is soft, chewy, and moist.  It perfectly compliments a morning cup of coffee and only takes a few minutes to whip together. This cake is […]

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Toffee Bar Coffee Cake

Two coffee cakes in one day?!  WHAT is going on in my kitchen??  What is this madness?! Every day at work, Jeff participates in a little team event called “Banana Time.”  I swear, it’s not dirty. Actually, it’s really exactly what it sounds like.  Basically, Jeff and all his co-workers get together and they all […]

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‘You Won’t Get Fired’ Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

For all you How I Met Your Mother fans out there (a wonderfully hilarious show, if you don’t watch it), you may remember an episode from Season 4 entitled “Mosbius Designs.”  In this episode, Ted and Marshall are facing job security issues.  To ensure that he is not one of those laid off, Barney feels […]

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