My First Fix!

My first fix was delivered this weekend from Stitch Fix!

For those who missed my previous post – I gave a detailed explanation about what Stitch Fix is and how it works here.  In a nut shell, Stitch Fix is an online styling service that sends you new clothes in a “fix” that they think will both match and challenge your personal style.

All in all, my very first fix I think we can declare a success. Besides filling out my style profile, the only guidance I gave me “stylist” (most likely some sort of fancy computer algorithm) was that I wanted some fun new pieces for Spring.  I decided to keep 3 of the 5 items.  Check out what I received!


Multi Circle Dangle Earrings

The first item was these pair of silver circle dangle earrings.  In my style profile, I mentioned that I primarily prefer silver over gold jewelry, so I appreciate that Stitch Fix stuck to these guidelines.  All in all, I really love these earrings.  They are silver, shiny, and definitely “fun for Spring.”  They are probably a little more than I would normally spend for earrings, but I can tell they are high quality and will hold up over time.

Stitch Fix Verdict: These are keepers!


The second item I received was this navy blue peasant blouse.  It was transparent (requiring a camisole underneath) with a fun polka -dot pattern.  While the thought was good, it was shapeless, over-sized, and not really my “style”.

To boot, I already own an almost identical shirt (in a much more flattering style) that I like much better!


Stitch Fix Verdict:  Unfortunately, while I DO love the pattern and color, all in all, the price and fit (and the fact that I have a very similar shirt) make this one a NO.  Too bad, so sad.


Um, please ignore the disaster zone that is my bedroom in the back…..

The third item in my fix was this silk, printed dress.  As far as dresses go, this one was a good thought, but poor execution.  The dress fit, BUT was not particularly flattering.  It was baggy on top, which may have been the intended fit, but I didn’t think it looked great on me.  The material was lumpy and there was an awkward slit right in the middle that I was not particularly fond of.  Lastly, they may have taken my request for spring fashion a little too literally (the plants in the pattern looked a little like baby’s breath).

Stitch Fix Verdict:  This one is going back.  I love wearing dresses, but this was the most expensive item in the entire fix.  For that amount of money, it’s gotta be a knock out!


The fourth item in my fix was this white, cable-trim cotton cardigan.  I wasn’t sure right off the bat, but this one grew on me the more I wore it and looked at it.  The fit was great, the style unique, it was comfortable and cozy to wear, and I don’t have any white cardigans in my extensive “cardigan arsenal.”  Unfortunately, during the summer months at work they really crank up the AC, so I’m always happy to have a nice cardigan to throw on inside, even if it’s 98 degrees outside.

Stitch Fix Verdict:  A Keeper!  Practical, cozy, unique, and it will go with just about anything.  A good staple to have in any closet.


The best for last!  I seriously LOVE this Birdie Tie Neck Sleeveless Blouse!  It was flowy and romantic, yet fitted and slender.  The pattern was colorful and whimsical and I loved the details with the fluttery sleeves and neck tie.  Now I just need this horrible weather to freaking END (is it just me, or has this been the longest winter EVER?) so I can finally wear it out!

Stitch Fix Verdict: Without a doubt, a keeper!

I have to say that I was a little nervous that everything in my fix just wouldn’t be me, but all in all, I’m pretty happy!  I gave plenty of feedback on both my keepers and duds so hopefully, in theory, these comments will be applied to my next fix.

What a fun service – Makes shopping a little more exciting and adventurous!  If you’re interested in checking Stitch Fix out, please sign up here!  (In the interest of full disclosure, if you sign up with that link, I will get a credit towards my next fix).

I promise, the next post I will be back to cooking 🙂  There are amazing dishes on the horizon, so stay tuned!


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One Comment on “My First Fix!”

  1. April 14, 2013 at 12:32 pm #

    I love that bird top! So girly and romantic. I’m also having so much fun with Stitch Fix, and I like to see what other people got in their boxes!

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