Meet Lucy!

Hi All –

I apologize that the recipes have not been flowing like wine recently. We’ve had our hands full with the newest addition to our family, and it’s amazing if we can even find time to order pizza….

Meet our new puppy,  Lucy!

Just had my first bath!

Lucy is a 9 week old Golden Retriever and joined our family on Friday. Growing up, our family always had a special place in our heart for Goldens and we’ve been addicts since we had our first golden, Maizie (that’s right, Maizie for Maize and Blue).  Currently, my parents have a golden, Jessie, and my brother has a golden, Murphy.

From our recent vacation, Jessie (left) and Murphy (right) playing frisbee with Jeff in Lake Charlevoix

Lucy is adjusting to her new digs pretty quickly, although she is still not loving her crate.  The first night we had her, she cried pretty much the entire night, with no less than 3 middle of the night trips outside for a potty break.  But that’s a puppy for ya….Jeff and I are feeling pretty sleep deprived.  We try to nap when she does (which she is currently doing at my feet as I write this – she’s wedged herself in between the bar stool and the wall…)

Fortunately, my camera was handy....

Tomorrow, I go back to work and we will have to crate her pretty much all day.  We have people coming over to help with taking her out, but I’m sure that won’t make me feel any less guilty since she cries if she loses sight of me for even a minute.  I feel bad leaving her in the crate all day, but hopefully she will continue to sleep through most of the day and the dog walkers can tire her out when they come by.

Don’t give up on the recipes, I promise they will start up again soon!  Lucy will grow at a momentous pace, so I’ll try to keep the pictures coming.

If anyone has any new puppy advice, I’m all ears!


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