Brother Burgher

Before I get started on this let me first say that, yes, if you live in Pittsburgh it is  a requirement that you spell Burger, “Burgher.”  I’m pretty sure it’s a city ordinance.  You also have to say things like “N’at” (“and that”),  “Dahn-tawn” (Downtown”), and when the Steelers start playing, you have to say things like “Six-Burgh” (get it? because they’ve won the Super Bowl that many times….)

No offense to born and bred Pittsburghers, but If I ever start saying things like “this needs cooked” instead of “this needs to be cooked,” please shoot me.  Not to mention, I’m pretty sure my parents would start wondering why they bothered to help me through 4 years of undergrad and 3 years of law school.

So this isn’t really so much a recipe post as an aside about my brother, although at the end I WILL tell you how I made that burger.  I’m pretty sure most people already know how to make a burger (1.  make meat patty; 2. throw on grill; 3.  complete with toppings of your choice; 4.  eat).

Let me first say that my brother and I see each other about two or three times a year.  I live in Pittsburgh and he lives in Cincinnati with his wife, 3 daughters under the age of four, and a large dog.  Needless to say, it is difficult for them to mobilize and get anywhere.  It’s just hard to get together sometimes…

So imagine my surprise when Wednesday night I get a text from my brother asking if he could stop by Thursday night to crash in Pittsburgh.  Turns out, he was driving from Virginia back home to Ohio and needed to break up the trip a little bit.  Of course I said he could stop by since I hadn’t seen him since December.

The original plan was that he would get in around dinner time and Jeff and I would take him out and show him a good time in the city.  For anyone that knows Chris, you will not be shocked to learn that this did not go according to plan.  Not only did he leave 3 hours later than scheduled, but forgot to take into account things like traffic, D.C. rush hour, and construction.  He just does not really think about things like that…. What was supposed to be a 5pm arrival turned into an 8pm arrival and eventually a 9:30pm arrival.

OK, so clearly a nice dinner out was out of the picture.  Shortly before his arrival, I went on a “fridge scavenger hunt” to see what I could throw together last minute.

What would YOU want after a long, lonely, frustrating drive? (Also, did I mention that we are in the middle of a severe HEAT WAVE)?

Well, obviously.  Besides that.

My thoughts went to a hearty, cheesy burger.  Burgers are easy, fast, and fulfilling.  I looked through my Bobby Flay Burger Cookbook and found some inspiration from a Double Cheese Burger with Grilled Vidalia Onions. I’ve got the cheese.  I’ve got the onion.  Done.

I threw the meat on the grill and cut the Vidalia Onion into rings about 1/2 inch thick and then brushed them with olive oil and salt.

I threw those on the grill and gave them about 4 minutes on each side.

Why am I so SWEATY!?

Did I mention that we are having a heat wave?!??  It’s 9:30pm out here and still about 90 degrees and I’m standing next to a freaking HOT grill.  I’m pretty much the best sister ever.

Check out these grill marks.  There’s something about throwing veggies on the grill and getting that great char mark that makes them look so YUMMY!

About a minute or so before the burgers were done I threw on a piece of white cheddar cheese, and extra sharp cheddar cheese (you can’t see the white, but it’s in there…).  I also brushed some olive oil on to the buns and threw those on the grill as well to toast them up.  I am of the opinion that a burger should NEVER be served without a toasted bun.  Maybe that’s just me….

Et Voilà!  A delicious, late night, satisfying burger!  If you need more in-depth instructions on how to make the burger, here is the original recipe from Bobby Flay.

OK, whoa.  A little scary, Chris.  When I said “pretend like you are LOVING this burger!” I didn’t mean “pretend like you are about to murder that burger with your teeth..”  Either way, hope you liked it!


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2 Comments on “Brother Burgher”

  1. Ksizzle
    July 23, 2011 at 8:24 am #

    looks delish!

    • Tara Kane
      July 23, 2011 at 1:02 pm #

      1) That burger looks delicious 2) Im jealous we don’t have a grill 3) If I EVER start dropping the “to be” please put me out of my misery 😉

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